Over the last few years of using a GoPro, I have developed my own set of 40 unique presets specifically for GoPro images in all kinds of conditions.

As with all LUTs, these LUTs are designed only to be used as a base to your color correction.

Because every clip is unique, no LUT will be a one size fits all solution to your photos.

Most of my presets increase the exposure value.

This is mostly due to my personal pro-tune settings having the EV set at -0.5.

My Personal protune settings are: GoPro Color, EV -0.5, iso-min 100, iso-max 100(sometimes 200 or 400), Sharpness-Low, WB-auto.

The only things I really change depending on lighting and conditions are EV and iso.


Works in Adobe Lightroom

contact me here: riccardo.marchetto89@gmail.com